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The World’s First Underwater Lounge At Sea

It had to come, and it’s not unexpected that the French would be first with such an innovation for cruise ships!  A favourite of ours for high-quality expedition cruising, Ponant (the world’s only French cruiseline) have four new boutique expedition ships (just 92 cabins) currently under construction.  Two of them will commence cruising next year.

These new ships will feature the world’s first underwater lounges, offering on-board guests a realistic underwater experience in total comfort.  Sitting a couple of metres under the sea surface but within the ship’s hull, you’ll be able to observe the underwater world through giant portholes 3.5 metres wide, while the surrounding marine life will be projected onto digital screens that will cover the walls like wallpaper.  You’ll feel like you’re under the sea!

Hydrophones will capture and transmit underwater acoustics from within a 5 km radius of the ship, which will then gently feature in the lounge via an innovative sound system.  The sofas you sit on even will vibrate discreetly, to promote the rhythms of the ocean and it’s marine animals.  Now that’s something!

Each year at The Travel Studio & Travel Masters, we select the very best of Ponant’s expedition itineraries in the most interesting physical and cultural destinations, and make them available to our clients at the best available prices in Australia.  For wildlife and cultural experiences in exciting destinations, this is as good as it gets!  Enquire about these outstanding cruising expeditions on your next visit to our agencies.