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All Things UP AND DOWN – 26th August

The Sepik is one of the world’s great river systems. Meandering 1,100 km through Papua New Guinea, this mighty river has nurtured tribes and cultures for millennia. With dense terrain making this part of the world largely inaccessible by road, the river provides access to villages and towns along its course.  Coral Expeditions first explored the Sepik River nearly a decade ago.  When they began cruising the Sepik River they were amazed at what they saw – a truly wild and unspoiled land – increasing in magnificence the further upriver they went.

Coral Expeditions now return to the Sepik River and have planned a short series of four landmark expeditions in February 2018, each of 7 days duration. Positioning the Coral Expeditions I at the Sepik for a short month-long window, they will take advantage of her shallow draft and maneuverability to travel as far as the middle Sepik, where few have ventured before.

Day 4 - Port Davey (31)EDIT2Allowing the rhythm of the river to determine the cruise schedule, you will visit local tribes who have had little contact with modernity, pass through some of the oldest and densest rainforests in the world, and look out for local species including the famed Bird of Paradise.  Reconnaissance voyages up smaller tributaries can be taken in smaller tender vessels, returning after each excursion to the comfort of Coral Expeditions I.

Coral Expeditions draws from their previous experience cruising the Sepik, as well as the expertise of local operators, to develop an itinerary that is both comprehensive and exploratory. This knowledge of the area, as well as the experience and professionalism of their staff, will ensure you have a safe and exciting cruise.

This truly is a unique adventure into a very special part of the world, and with only 4 sailings each for just 44 passengers this opportunity will not be available for long.

Sailing dates are the 6th, 13th, 20th and 27th with fares from just $4,990 per person, which includes all onboard meals and shore excursions.  Flights to Papua New Guinea and pre cruise hotel accommodation can also be arranged through the cruise at Travel Masters, so give them a call on 1800 672 988 to grab your cabin!