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All Things AIRLIE – 14th April

Greg and Gary took us on a journey to beautiful Airlie Beach today, the gateway to the Whitsundays.  From Airlie Beach you can explore the famous islands of Daydream Island, Hamilton Island or even one of the 60 deserted islands on your doorstep.

Airlie Beach is also a very popular cruise destination for cruise ships, with may cruiselines such as P&O, Princess Cruises, Royal Caribbean etc.  So this weeks Cruise Deal of the Week was a challenge as there were so many fantastic deals to choose from, but I think we have found a cracker of a deal on a wonderful itinerary.

Unlike most P&O Cruises, this one does not start in Australia or New Zealand.  You begin your dream cruise with a flight on the 13th August to the ”Lion City” of Asia – Singapore.  You’ll have two nights to relax, take in the sights or tackle some of the many spectacular shopping malls for some retail therapy.


You then join the Pacific Aria for a 15 day cruise back Down Under.  After a couple of days at sea you arrive for an overnight stay in Benoa, Bali.    Being nearby, affordable and sun drenched all year round, Bali has long been favourite holiday destination for Aussies. But beyond its beaches and the resorts (though they are a fine example of the lifestyle that this island stands for) is a place that embodies the essence of the Eastern world.  Here, monkeys scurry around forest flanked sacred temples, rice paddies lie perched on the hillsides and coffee, banana, cacao and spice plantations line the roads.


Next up is another Indonesian Island, one with a very famous resident – Komodo.  Look like visitors from another age of our planet, the Komodo dragons roam freely in Komodo National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, can grow to a length of as much as 3 metres. Head out on an exciting tour of discovery.  This will be your chance to get close to these prehistoric beasts.

Komodo Dragon

After another day at sea, Pacific Aria provides you with a rare opportunity to explore East Timor, with a full day in Dili.   Nestled at the foot of lush, green hills overlooking the Banda Sea, the capital of East Timor combines a small-town vibe with a unique Portuguese influence.  In the 13th century Chinese and Malay traders were drawn to East Timor by its abundance of sandalwood, honey and wax. The same natural riches brought Portuguese settlers three decades later. From 1942 to 1945, east Timor was occupied by the Japanese, before it returned to Portuguese rule. In 1975, East Timor proclaimed independence from Portugal – 10 days later Indonesian troops invaded. The Indonesian Occupation lasted until 1999, during which 200,000 Timorese lost their lives. In 1999, the Timorese voted for full independence. The Indonesian Military responded with force, destroying most of the country’s infrastructure. The United Nations was brought in to restore peace and on 20 May 2002, East Timor became Asia’s newest country

Three days at sea and you arrive back into Australia with a full day in Cairns.   The city’s graceful, tree-lined esplanade was once the gateway to the gold fields of North Queensland. Cairns boasts three of Australia’s great natural wonders: the Great Barrier Reef and 16 miles of superb beaches that stretch to the north of the city to the famed Marlin Coast. Inland lies the immense Daintree National Park. Discover the rainbow of sea life, marvel at the rain forest or relax along the long stretch of sunny coastline.

Cairns, Queensland

The following day is your day in Airlie Beach.  The Barrier Reef, Whitsunday Island all calling to you as you enjoy your day in Airlie Beach.  P&O will provide a range of shore excursions allowing to go Kayaking, relax on Whitehaven Beach or ride on a glass bottom boat over the stunning coral reefs.

You have one further day at sea to chill out and enjoy then many facilities of the Pacific Aria, before you arrive at your disembarkation port of Brisbane.

This is a wonderful fly, cruise and stay package spread over 17 days, and I have a package price you can ”b-Airlie” believe!  Your flights from Brisbane, 2 nights in Singapore and the 15 day cruise onboard Pacific Aria all for $3,149 per person.

And there’s more – I’ll upgrade you to an Ocean View Cabin, throw in $150 cabin credit…and a scoop of ice cream ever day for each of you at the New Zealand ice Cream bar on board!

Give the crew a call on 1800 672 988 to grab that cabin!