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The St. Regis Singapore’s Art Collection

The St Regis Singapore, the arbiters of luxury and refinement, is now sharing the enthusiasm for the fine arts and culture by offering private access to the world’s premier collections.

Housing one of the finest private art collections in South East Asia, The St. Regis Singapore offers exclusive access to museum quality art in an exquisite ambience. The collection showcases over 70 original works of art, including sculptures, paintings, and prints by internationally renowned artists.  Curated to complement and enhance the Chinoiserie décor, artists ranging from Pablo Picasso to Georgette Chen were selected to represent both western and eastern influences, as well as traditions that characterise the sophisticated city of Singapore. Singaporean artistic talents are also honoured and displayed in prominent areas of the hotel grounds to showcase the distinctive Singaporean Arts, to give the local community and foreign visitors to Singapore, a sense of the flourishing art scene emerging within the garden state.  The works of pioneering Nanyang Artists Cheong Soo Pieng, Georgette Chen, and Chen Wen Hsi represent the style that influenced many artistic movements in Singapore. The Nanyang approach focused on a merging of western techniques in oil painting with the unique brushstrokes inspired by traditional Chinese calligraphy and imagery.

The St. Regis Singapore art collection also presents contemporary Singaporean artists including Eng Tow, Lim Joo Hong, and Chen Ke Zhan. The works of these contemporary leaders demonstrate the progressive spirit of the city in taking the influence of these pioneering artists, creating works that are significant and continue to escalate the prominence of Singapore on the international art scene.

The 2001 Venice Biennale’s Singaporean Pavilion representative, Chen Ke Zhan, was commissioned to do a number of large works for the hotel reception. His work, Golden Landscape, is located near the hotel entrance to greet guests with its majestic and tranquil beauty.

The St. Regis Singapore’s exterior is enhanced by a number of eminent pieces marking the influential address. Columbian Figurative artist, Fernando Botero’s Reclining Woman, smiles and greets guests to their home-away-from-home as they alight from the St. Regis Bentleys. The late Singaporean abstract artist Anthony Poon’s architectural wave sculptures line the street for the enjoyment of those strolling by the hotel. Poon’s Sense Surround, the crimson, steel sculptures commissioned for The St. Regis Singapore, were some of the last art works that he completed before his passing in 2006.  To enhance the guests experience at The St. Regis Singapore, the art collection is not only in the public areas of the hotel. Many of the luxurious suites contain original art works to complement the plush furnishings. The Presidential Suite features art by American abstract expressionist painters like Mark Tobey and Sam Francis, as well as French expressionist Marc Chagall, among other art works.

Tranquility and sanctuary are the inspiration of Taiwan’s leading contemporary artist Li Chen, whose Float to Sukhavati creates an ambiance of pure bliss. The cherubic-like Buddha rests peacefully on top of a metallic cloud inspiring onlookers to relax poolside or linger at specialty Italian restaurant, LaBrezza.

Extraordinary works of art awaits diners in the award-winning fine Cantonese restaurant Yan Ting. A series of stunning canvases depicting the four seasons are by collaborating Singaporean artists Joseph Lim, Phoebe Yang and Zhang Chunlei. Nearby is a treasured fan painting by Chinese artist Qi Baishi, most well known for being a self taught painter that resisted the influence of western techniques and remained true to traditional techniques of the Ming and Qing Dynasty arts.

An abode of refined sophistication awaits in Astor Bar, where guests can revel in the world of Pablo Picasso as they ease the stress of the day with a signature Chili Padi Mary. Picasso’s Toros Series of 10 lithographs on the art of the bullfighting line the walls of the bar. Picasso’s passion for life is manifested in his works, depicting the art and sport that is full of cultural tradition and history.

It is appropriate that Picasso’s fervent works adorn the Astor Bar; his vivacious spirit for life led to his famous last words – a toast of “Drink to me, drink to my health, you know that I can’t drink anymore”.

The St. Regis Singapore’s commitment to the arts goes beyond the art collection, with events that bring aficionados access to one-of-a-kind events in the world of arts and culture. Delight in a complimentary tour of the exceptional art collection, by our St. Regis Butlers, with “The Art of Living”, conducted daily at 6pm at The St. Regis Singapore.

So why not include a stay at the fantastic St.Regis hotel on your next trip or stopover in Singapore.  Contact Travel Masters or The Travel Studio for more information…