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Spectacular Japan

Experience Japan Encompassed

Travel Masters & The Travel studio present an exclusive sneak peek at Evergreen Tours’ newest itinerary, with strictly limited availability

We invite you to embark on a journey to this extraordinary destination where ancient traditions and history blend seamlessly with the ultra-modern. Japan is a unique and vibrant land with friendly people, exquisite food, electric cities, deep culture and jaw dropping landscapes. Few countries have developed with such fierce independence, maintaining a pure and rich culture that is unsurpassed, offering the ultimate Asia travel experience.

Evergreen includes unique local experiences where guests are welcomed into the lives of real people so you’ll come home with a knowledge of Japan far deeper than a museum or historic landmark alone can offer.

With just two very special departures we‘re offering you the first chance to experience the magic of Japan in 2020.

Ultra Modern meets
Ancient History

Start your journey of discovery in Japan in Tokyo – a mix of eclectic modern interspersed with centuries of tradition that have sculpted the people and culture into a unique fabric.

As you make your way throughout the land, stories of Emperors, Shoguns and Samurai keep you on the edge of your seat. Battles and warriors, success and triumph, innovation and isolation punctuate the fascinating story of this multi-faceted country. An epic story unfolds and complements beautiful landscapes, quaint villages and innovative cities.

The cities of Tokyo, Kyoto, Hiroshima and Osaka personify this unique Japanese blend. Ultra-modern skyscrapers sit side by side with ancient temples. In the busy streets you’ll find an astounding mix of people from high end business people to youths dressed in wild outfits exemplifying their unique sense of fashion.

Rich cultural experiences

We ensure you get a taste of the variety on offer with visits to both modern and heritage sights. Visit the modern Roppongi Hills Observation Deck in Tokyo or Umeda Sky Building in Osaka. Then see iconic and traditional places such as Asakusa, housing Tokyo’s oldest temple, Shirakawa-go UNESCO World Heritage Village, Nijo Castle in Kyoto and the poignant sights of Peace Memorial Park and Miyajima Island with the floating Torii Gate in Hiroshima.

Japan’s countryside is breathtaking and travelling between cities gives you the chance to experience some of the spectacular scenery and quaint villages. You cannot go past the jewel in the crown, Mount Fuji. This famous snow capped volcano sits just west of Hakone, and we spend the day here to give you good opportunities to see this beauty.


  • Spend the night in a traditional Japanese ryokan
  • Spend the day in Nikko visiting the Toshogu Shrine complex, Chuzenji Lake and Kegon Waterfall 
  • See Hakone shrine, take a Pirate boat ride on Lake Ashi* and ride the Ropeway enjoying views of the Owakudani Valley
  • In Kyoto, visit Higashiyama district, Kiyomizu temple, Nijo Castle, Kinkakugi (Golden Pavilion), Arashiyama’s bamboo groves and the Nonomiya shrine
  • Visit the beautifully preserved old town of Takayama including Miyagawa morning market, Takayama Jinya, and Matsurino Mori Festival Museum
  • Join a local expert and learn the craft of making sarubobo dolls
  • Participate in a tea ceremony with a local tea master
  • Partake in a special temple lunch at Tenryuji temple
  • Ride like a local through Kyoto on a rickshaw
  • Have the honour of taking part in a traditional Japanese dinner with a maiko (apprentice geisha)

Visit Japan in 2020

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