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Jessica’s Turkish Travels



Jess, Senior Travel Adviser based at Travel Masters, has recently come back from a breathtaking trip through Turkey! Jess did a mixture of her own travel as well as taking part in a small group tour. Here’s what she had to say:

Touring from Istanbul Return

with a trip to Cappadocia

Favourite Experience

Hot Air Ballooning in Cappadocia

This was one of those experiences that really takes your breath away, even as a seasoned traveller. It is possibly one of the most photographed and recognisable activities in the region as well! With thousands of people flooding there every year to float through skies dotted with colourful balloons, gently carrying excited travellers from all over the world. It really is worth seeing – a definite must!

Favourite Destination

I couldn’t possibly choose!

There is no way I could choose a favourite amongst the many diverse and mind-blowing places in Turkey. The Ancient City of Ephesus was definitely a highlight, so rich in history. The complex is massive with many structures still well intact, including the Library of Celsus and the Great Theatre that was famous for its’ gladiators back in it’s heyday. The many cats that occupy the site also make for some great posers in yours photos.

Favourite Culinary Experience

The freshest food you’ll ever eat!

Fethiye Fish market was a unique experience and delicious experience, where you pick out your own seafood and bring it to a traditional restaurant located in the courtyard on-site to cook it for you with lot’s of delicious sides and freshly cooked bread. Can’t get food much fresher than that!

Jess’ Top Tips for travelling & experiencing Turkey

1 – Clothing – Although Turkey is predominately a Muslim country in religion their culture is still very European as opposed to Middle-eastern. This means for clothing there isn’t really any dressing guidelines, except for when entering Mosques. Ladies, it’s a good idea to bring a scarf around with you when exploring Istanbul so you can easily cover up to pop into any of the Mosques that are intricately decorated inside.

2 – Treats – There is so much more to Turkish delights than what we see here in Australia – so many flavours and creamier tasting ones made with Tahini. Nearly all shops selling Turkish delights are extremely generous with the free tastings. The Spice bazaar in Istanbul is mostly made up of these shop sellers.

3 – Airports – Note the new airport in Turkey – code IST. It’s massive and modern. But there is another international airport, code SAW. Be aware which airport you are flying in and out of for transport purposes. The new IST airport is the better one to use.

Bonus Note! Cats! There are many strays but they are all mostly very healthy and friendly as they are looked after well by locals. If you are a cat lover you will love Turkey. I love to pat them all so just always had a hand sanitiser on me to use post pat.