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Our Harbin Tour 2020



Neil, joint Managing Director of Travel Masters & the Travel Studio, has just touched down after leading our group tour to Harbin Ice & Snow Festival! Travel Masters & The Travel Studio have been running tours to this incredible destination – and the breathtaking Ice & Snow Festival – for over ten years now, and every year is just as incredible as the last. This was Neil’s fifth year leading our group to Northern China! We plan on escorting groups to Harbin for many years to come – so if you would like to know more about our group tour, or are interested in joining us in 2021, click the button below and visit our dedicated Harbin webpage. We’ll be releasing the brochure very soon!

This is one of those very special travel experiences that stay with us forever. It is sensational!

Neil’s Favourite Experience

The Ice Festival

Nothing can really compare, or even begin to explain, the moment you step out from the entrance to the Ice World and see the amazing Ice Towers for the first time, some reaching up to 40 meters high, lit up in all the colours of the rainbow.  Every year is completely unique in design and theme. The ingenuity and craftsmanship required to create these dazzling structures never ceases to amaze – this really is a festival of true artistry! Every year we are blown away by the colours, shapes and sheer size of these wonderful creations.

Neils Favourite Destination on tour

The Songhua River

The Songhua River is frozen over, creating a winter wonderland scene, with locals young and old enjoying sleigh rides, ice skating, ice slides and snowmobiling.  This part of the tour has a great energy about it – people of all ages coming together to enjoy the snow and all manner of activities. There’s a real buzz in the air here, and you can’t help but feel that youthful sense of wonder and joy. Part of the river is carved out, allowing locals to enjoy a chilly dip in the river. Watching locals plunge into the icy water is quite a spectacle!

Neil’s Favourite Food

Harbin Sausage

We dine in many different Chinese and Russian restaurants, but my favourite food is the famous Harbin Sausage, grilled on a stick, dipped in spices and bought from the street vender on Central Street.

Neil’s Top Tips for experiencing Harbin

1 – Dress up warm – Harbin is very cold, often reaching -30°C at night.  By dressing in layers you can adjust your comfort levels and enjoy the Ice and Snow exhibits at leisure.

2 – See more of Harbin – Harbin is not just about the Ice, it has rich Russian and Jewish history and culture which can be easily discovered at the St. Sophia Church, The Jewish Synagogue and the Eastern European style architecture on Central Street

3 – Eat Ice Cream – The longest line up on Central Street is next to the famous Modern Hotel, where locals wait in turn to purchase the local Ice Cream Sticks.  Made from flavoured sweetened condensed milk.  It’s absolutely delicious, and never melts down your hand!

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