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ANZAC Quiz Answers

Which bugle call follows the last post and the 1-minute silence?

Who was the first Australian to receive the Victoria Cross in WW1?
Albert Jacka
(Albert Jacka was awarded the Victoria Cross, not the Southern Cross. The question was incorrect on the quiz we sent out, apologies.)

What does the word ANZAC stand for?
Australian and New Zealand Army Corps

Where is the tomb located of the unknown soldier?
Canberra at the Australian War Memorial

Who was appointed Australian war correspondent in 1914?
Charles Bean

Which Australian took over command of the Australians in 1918?
John Monash

Apart from the poppy what plant holds special significance on Anzac Day?

In what year did the Anzacs land at Gallipoli?

Who wrote the poem “For the Fallen”?
Laurence Binyon

Where were the Anzac forces based before going to Gallipoli?

Who was Bully Beef?

Bully Beef is the name of a canned meat given to soldiers in the field.  In WW1 the ANZAC’s filled the empty cans with nails, bits of metal and gunpowder to make ‘Bully Beef Bombs’

Did the Royal Australian Air Force take part in WW1?

No.  The RAAF was not established until 1921.  In WW1 Australian pilots belonged to the Australian Flying Corps.  They wore army uniforms and were part of the AIF