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Ethiopia & Uganda 2021

An Exclusive Escorted Package
26 Days - Departs 5 May 2021 from Brisbane

From $29,930 Per Person, Twin Share
Single Supplement $5,200

Tour Inclusion

All international flights from Australia
All domestic flights within Africa
Gratuities on all included itinerary activities
Gorilla Trek Permit - Limited to 14!
All luxury accommodation throughout
Meals as indicated
Pre-departure function with drinks, & canapes
Travel Masters carry bag, cap, luggage strap & tags
Travel Masters experienced Tour Manager
Local tour guides throughout

Come with us on a truly incredible journey

26 Amazing Days
small group discovery experience

Ethiopia & Uganda:
Discover these two truly magnificent African ‘gems’, where you will be welcomed with heart-warming hospitality
by the people, and experience the awesome grandeur of the environment. This fully-escorted tour combines a mix of
luxurious accommodation with exciting wildlife viewing in exclusive and breathtaking locations.

Ethiopia has the richest historical heritage in Africa. There’s a sense of ‘otherness’ about Ethiopia that is quite intoxicating. It is the only sub-Saharan
country with tangible historical remnants stretching back to the ancient Mediterranean civilisations and was the only country to emerge uncolonised from the
19th century ‘Scramble for Africa’. Culturally, historically and scenically, Ethiopia is an extraordinary experience, confounding every expectation. Travellers
often arrive expecting poverty, finding instead a vibrant colourful country marked by a sense of infectious pride in its history and culture.

Winston Churchill famously referred to Uganda as the Pearl of Africa – how true! Astride the Equator, the country is home to a unique physical
landscape of rivers, lakes and stunning mountains, providing the ideal habitat for its diverse wildlife. Where else but in this uniquely lush destination can
you observe tree-climbing lions, track both chimpanzees and mountain gorillas through rainforest undergrowth, then navigate tropical channels teeming with
hippos and spectacular birdlife? Less environmental pressures and tourist numbers make Uganda’s natural conditions ideal for wildlife viewing.

Experience History – Visit UNESCO World Heritage Sites

Enjoy once in a lifetime experiences

A pilgrimage to unforgettable world treasures & the opportunity to
experience Mountain Gorillas in their natural habitat

The Rock Churches of Lalibela

Ethiopia has long been the intersection between ancient civilizations – North Africa, the Middle East and Sub- Saharan Africa. It’s rich with natural
contrast that has captivated human history for centuries and provides countless surprises. Any visitor to Ethiopia can truly be expected to have
all preconceptions shattered. The Rock Churches of Lalibela are just one of the many amazing ‘mandatory’ experiences on any journey to this wonderful country.

Located 2630 metres high in the mountains of northern Ethiopia, the ancient and traditional village of Lalibela, named after the country’s most famous King,
is a travel destination that everyone should visit once in their life. These exceptional churches have been the focus of pilgrimages for Coptic Christians since the
12th century and remain the centre of one of the oldest forms of Christianity on the planet. What’s amazing is not merely that they are still standing 900 years later,
but that they still remain in daily use. This site is living heritage.

The Mountain Gorilla of Bwindi Impenetrable Forest

There are few experiences in life that will rival the sighting of a family of mountain gorilla high in the rainforest mountains of Uganda.
Bwindi Impenetrable Forest is one of only two prime locations in the world suitable for the tracking of these fascinating creatures. Recent estimates suggest fewer
than 900 mountain gorillas remain in the wild, and as such, are listed as ‘Critically Endangered’ on the IUCN Red List. These incredible creatures are now dependent
on conservation efforts to survive. It truly is a rare and quickly dwindling privilege to be given the opportunity to see them in their natural habitat!

Our journey to the Bwindi Impenertrable Forest is fascinating and can be a little physically challenging. The sight of a family of mountain gorillas at rest or play will
remain with you forever. There are only a limited number of trek passes made available each day and we have been fortunate to acquire fourteen (14) for this tour.
See these amazing creatures in the wild while you and we still can!

A world of highlights

Traditional tribal people of Omo Valley

These culturally diverse, immaculately colourful and defiantly traditionalist
agro-pastoralists are little different from their nomadic ancestors.
As many as a dozen different tribes occupy the valley, each of them culturally unique.

Gelada Baboons of the Simien Mountains

Unique and endemic, the Gelada Baboon is an Old World species
found exclusively in the Ethiopian Highlands.

Royal Castles of Gonder

A walled 17C Royal Enclosure (a unique imperial precinct) contains
classical medieval stone castles and palaces. It is ‘Africa’s Camelot’!

Cruise Laka Tana

Lake Tana, source of the world’s longest river has provided Ethiopia’s
links to the ancient world. Dozens of small islands in the lake shelter 20 mystical monasteries

Uganda’s best National Parks

Uganda is a unique wildlife destination offering a wonderful mix
of big game, the famous gorilla and chimpanzee, and prolific birdlife.

Murchison Falls

Murchison Falls is the most spectacular and impressive feature
of the famous Nile along its 6700km length, and it’s at the centre of the largest wildlife reserve.

Cruising the Kazinga Channel

The Channel is an oasis for the fascinating wildlife species that
inhabit the Park. It attracts a varied range of animals and birds
with one of the world’s highest concentrations of hippos.

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